Hello!  I'm Gretchen.  An actor.  Now teacher and director too. And some other identifying labels which there's no need to go into.  Thank you for being interested in reading these words!

I began acting while growing up in Lancaster, PA.  Several towering mentors in school and local theater had a huge impact and I'll always owe them my deepest thanks (or blame them entirely!) for this actor's life I've been lucky to lead.


After training at Juilliard under more great mentors, I've made my life and work in  New York (on Broadway and off),  Los Angeles (tv and film), and London (in and off West End and again in tv and film).  US regional theatre has been a huge part of my life.  I am so grateful to all the wonderful theaters, directors, and communities for welcoming me and allowing me to play incredible roles which have formed me as an artist and person.  


I live in the UK and work in both the US and the UK.