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Friends and collaborators

The Chekhov Collective UK

New York Shakespeare Exchange

The Volterra Project


Some people I'm grateful to and for...

Paula, Gary, and Tristan Egolf, Adam Chodzko, Joanna Merlin, my Juilliard teachers and community, Barry Kornhauser, Camilla Schade, Pat Kautter, Teri Mastrobuono, Actors Center NYC community, John Miller-Stephany, Maria Aitken, Julie Boyd, Ted Pappas, Tyler Marchant, Sinead Rushe, the MICHA community and my amazing teachers, The Michael Chekhov Collective UK (Cass Fleming, Roanna Mitchell, Patrick Bailey and others), the LAMDA and RCSSD CDT students and community, Improbable Theatre, Michael Chekhov Europe, London, NYC, and all other MC colleagues,  my amazing friends and all the incredible actors I've had the honour to work with. 

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